The UK Equine industry is worth £4 billion a year. It employs 270,000 people full-time

Going retro is the basis of my success

Having lived in Australia and Africa, when I moved to Somerset in 2005 and started helping out at equestrian events, the number of horses suffering from summer itching had grown massively from the late ‘70s/early 80’s when I was riding competitively... read more

Karen Ruggles describes how she started her business Ruggle-it

I regret saying, “Riding School”... It will be written on my grave

Martyn reckons it cost him six-months of his life and over £5,000 in extra costs

Never call a Riding School, a Riding School. Martyn Fowdrey did while he was negotiating with Wealden Council to establish one of the first equestrian re-habilitation centres in the county and he reckons it cost him six-months and over £5,000 in extra costs... read more

Get it wrong and the Council could knock your house down

When is a stud farm a stud farm?

Always use a Country solicitor. Three-years ago Mark Clerkin was a gas-fitter living in Shepherds Bush in the shadow of the BBC Television Centre... read more

Over £60million Rural Grants available in the South East

Not one equine business has received grant

Equine businesses throughout the South East and London could be missing out on their chance to apply for a share of £64 million in Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) grants. ... read more

Factoring and Invoice Discounting 
= Cashflow + More timeFactoring.html
Asset-based lending is the phrase on everyone’s lips when it comes to discussing effective business financeFactoring.html
But what is driving the success of ABL as a funding tool for UK businesses?  Evette Orams, Managing Director Hilton-Baird Financial Solutions, explains... read moreFactoring.htmlFactoring.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

Peregrine swoops as Kim Booty strides ahead

It was whilst on maternity leave from her banking job in 2007, knee deep in nappies and with toddler at foot that Kim felt inspired to start a new business

Kim and her husband John live in Manningtree, Essex, they own 5 horses and have friends and family as liveries at home. Back in 2007 they owned a trailer and a 2nd hand horsebox and were constantly being asked to lend out the transport. It was at this point that Kim had her eureka moment and thought “there’s a business opportunity here”... read more

How the internet company helped me buy my daughter a horse in Holland

A friend recommended that we use an on-line service rather than the bank to get a better exchange rate and avoid commission or charges. We save £600 on a £10,000 purchase...  read more

Equine FX

Like all little girls, Amy Starkey was mad about horses

At three-years-old, she knew all the odds. At four-years-old, she went to her first race meeting. At five-years-old, she backed her first winner. At 16 she placed her first bet. She put £10 on Around the Gale. It won at 20 – 1. She made £200...  read more

Gabriella Atkinson

Behind a new multi-million pound equestrian training centre in the south east is tiny, dynamic, action-packed Canadian businesswoman 

Bedgebury Park Equestrian Centre, the well-known and highly respected riding facility, in Goudhurst, Kent where Tina Cook, the British Olympic bronze medallist, was once a pupil, is being completely re-furbished and re-developed. read more

Except she wasn’t interested in riding them. She was interested in betting on them